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Brushes & plugins In Affinity Photo

By 30 May 2022 No Comments
 Brushes & plugins In Affinity Photo – The Brush Tool.
As its probably one of the tools you’ll need first and use the most often. Let’s take a quick look at the basics of the Paint Brush tool.

Where to Find Brush Categories in Affinity Photo

First, we have the Brush Categories, which will hold all of Affinity Photo’s default brushes. You can switch through the brushes by going towards the top and hitting Basic, which is what your brushes are set to by default.

Where to Find Brush Settings in Affinity Photo

Once you have the Brush tool selected, all of its settings will pop up towards the bottom of the screen. Here you have your Width, Opacity, Flow, Hardness, and Color.

How to Import Brushes in Affinity Photo

You can import your own brushes by tapping the Three-Lined icon on the upper right of the Brushes panel and choosing Import Brushes.
From here you will choose wherever you have your brushes saved. This can be either on your iPad or ‘in the cloud’
On a side note; the brushes you’re watching me using will soon be available on my website.

 Brushes & plugins In Affinity Photo – More Brush Settings

To further adjust a brush, beyond just the typical size or flow, tap and hold on a brush, choose Edit and all of its possible settings will come up.
If you want to reset the brush back to default you can tap, hold and then choose Reset.
Hit the Pin icon found towards the top of the Brushes panel to keep the Brushes panel open. This is handy when painting  as the constant opening and closing can get incredibly annoying.

Affinity Supports Photoshop Plugins

There’s a big chance that you can continue to use most of the Photoshop plugins you own as Affinity Photo supports Photoshop plugins. However this is only on the desktop version and not on the iPad.
Once installed most plugins work without issues, but with the difference that you apply the plugin effect to the active layer, and not to a new layer, as you might be used to in Photoshop.
Personally I used to use lots of plugins back when image editors weren’t as fully featured as they are now (photoshop 3 only had 1 undo!) but these days I find less and less need for them.