Chris Harrison

chris Harrison that tattoo show

Chris Harrison is a Tattooist, Illustrator and Film-Maker based in South Wales. After 15+ years tattooing he’s won a few awards, has been featured in many tattoo publications and even the music magazine Kerrang! Because he’s ‘tattooed a few rockstars’.

His connection to the world of music also landed him a few ‘gigs’  outside his day job creating designs for a number of  brands/bands. And randomly appearing in a Netflix documentary.

He once got drunk and tattooed Bam Margeras uncle in a bar (not the fat one, the other one). But he doesn’t talk about it.

In 2020 he decided to combine his passion for tattooing, love of filmmaking and obsession for how things work. By reviewing products for That Tattoo Show. Which he loves almost as much as tattooing. Almost.

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