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How to install Brother PJ on iPad

By 26 May 2022 No Comments
Trying to figure out how to install Brother PJ on iPad? Thankfully, getting your PJ763mfi working with your iPad is extremely easy and only involves a couple of steps.

1. IPrint&Scan APP

Head over to the either the Android or Apple App Store and search for ‘Brother’. The first result is the IPrint&Scan App. This is the app you’ll be using to adjust your stencil and it’s print settings. It’s a free app and very well featured. Install it.

2. Turn your 763 on and make sure the Bluetooth light is solid.

  • On your iPad, in Settings goto Bluetooth and select your 763 from the list of devices. Once is says ‘connected’ open the IPrint&Scan app on your iPad.
  • NOTE: The Bluetooth light flashes when nothing is connected and is solid if something is connected. If multiple tattooists will be using the printer, remind them to disconnect from the printer after they’ve finished with it.
  • In the bottom left of the IPrint&Scan app click the printer icon and select bluetooth by pressing the bluetooth tab.
Your Brother PJ 763mfi will now print via bluetooth from your iPad.


If you’re more of a visual learner and prefer to watch and follow along when trying to figure out how to install Brother PJ on iPad,  I’ve made a video to accompany this article. It covers the entire process and it’s available now over on the That Tattoo Show YouTube channel.