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How to install Brother PJ on Windows

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How to install Brother PJ on Windows. The installation process is pretty much the same for all three printers. There is only one extra step for the PJ773 and that’s to get it working on your Wi-Fi network.

How to install Brother PJ on Windows

  • On your Windows computer and we’re going to head over to and get the software and drivers necessary to run the printers properly.
  • The website will automatically detect your operating system. Just select the downloads tab and then you can select your printer from that list.
  • Select the printer that you want and you’ll end up at this page. For some reason there is no combined installer for all of the various bits. So you’ll need to download them separately or ‘run’ them straight from the site and you can install them without downloading the software. You need to install the Printer Driver and the Printer setting tool.
  • I would recommend that you do it this way. This is the brother official website so it’s very unlikely that you’re into any problems.


Select printer driver and connection type.

The first step is to install the printer driver. Run the driver software from the site, select your printer model and then turn your machine on plug it in via USB. If you’re running the 763 via bluetooth, make sure the bluetooth light is on. Once you’re ready select next and the software will install. Hit finish when it’s done.

Install Printer setting tool

Select Printer setting tool from the download list and select ‘run’.   The Printer setting tool installs itself automatically so you’ll just have to click finish once it’s done.
With your printer still on. Next, run the printer setting tool from the ‘start’ menu. Select device settings and the software will retrieve the current settings from your printer. Head over to the maintenance tab and confirm that ‘stencil paper mode’ is on.
If you’ve downloaded my settings from my website you can install them here. If you can’t install them, each download comes with a pdf of my settings for manual input.
To finish, simply click ‘Apply’ to send the new settings to the printer and – once it’s done – click exit.

Final step

Before you can start printing stencils you need to head over to the control panel on your PC and select ‘Devices and Printers’. Right-Click on your PJ in the list of printers and select ‘Printing Preferences’

Mirror Print, Reverse Print.

In the advanced tab you will see there is a ‘mirror print’ and ‘reverse print’. Mirror print means flip horizontal and reverse print means flip vertically. Select the mirror print tab and the printer will then automatically flip your artwork for you.

PJ 773 – WiFi Extra Step

The extra step for the 773 is to get it working on your Wi-Fi network. Right click on the printer in the Control Panel select properties and in the final tab select ‘web services’. Click on the printers webpage which is the IP address that starts with HTTP and then you’ll be directed to the printers web based admin panel in your browser. Input your login details (The default login is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘admin’). Navigate over to wireless and then down to wireless a personal. Find and select your wireless network SSID. Just select browse to find your wireless network, input your wireless password and then click submit.
Your PJ773 will now be available to everyone on your WiFi network. The benefit of this is that you and your team can connect Mac & PC computers, laptops, iPads, phones etc and print wirelessly.


If you’re more of a visual learner and prefer to watch and follow along,  I’ve made a video to accompany this article. It covers the entire process and it’s available now over on the That Tattoo Show YouTube channel.