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Layers in Affinity Photo

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How to Move Layers in Affinity Photo

To Move a layer around, hold your finger inside the image, and pan around.

Remember, if you want to Pan the canvas, and not move the layer around, you will use two fingers instead of one.  

Layers in Affinity Photo – How to Resize 

To resize layers tap and drag the control nodes—the blue dots found around the image.
Some images and layers will by default constrain, keeping the original aspect ratio, whereas groups of layers or objects wont. This can be confusing at first but you’ll soon get used to it.
Whatever the case, you can use a one-finger modifier to toggle the constrain mode to suit whatever behaviour you want. While resizing the image with one finger, use your other finger to press down on the screen.

How to Rotate Layers in Affinity Photo

Rotate by holding the top control handle and swiveling to either the left or right.
If you want more precise control, you can open up the Transform panel found on the right-hand side.
Here you can adjust the order, Flip, and Rotate, and adjust the Dimensions by either tapping to change the numbers manually or by swiping up or down on the dimension dials.

Blend Modes, and Filters 

How to Create a New Layer in Affinity Photo
Create a layer by opening up the Layers panel, found on the right-hand side.
Tap the + sign. From here, you can create a Pixel or Fill Layer. As well as layer masks and groups.

How to Re-Order and Group Layers

Re-order a layer by tapping and dragging.
To re-order multiple layers at once, use a swipe gesture on any layers you’d like to move to select them. Do the same to deselect layers
To select multiple layers at once, select a layer, and then use two fingers to select another layer either above or below the initially selected layer. All layers between the two selected layers will become selected themselves.
You can group things together by selecting the layers you want to group, and then making a pinch-in gesture. You can then ungroup layers by selecting the group and pinching outwards.
Alternatively, you can hit the Group Layers icon found inside the Layers panel, to the left of the + icon. I much prefer the second method!

How to Duplicate Layers

Duplicate a layer by selecting the Move Tool, double-tapping the layer on the canvas that you want to duplicate, holding down on the layer with two fingers, and then dragging with a finger on your other hand.

How to Adjust Layer Settings

To get all of the fine-tuning layer options such as Opacity and Layer Modes, select the layer you want to adjust, and then click on the Layer Options icon in the Layers panel (shown as three dots in a circle).You can also choose to Lock and rename a layer in the layer options. 

How to Change Layer Modes

Layer blend modes are endlessly useful. You can adjust the layer mode by clicking Normal and selecting from the list that appears. 
Alternatively, you can swipe through each layer mode individually by using a swiping gesture over the layer mode options.

How to Add Adjustment Layers

To access the adjustment layers, click on the icon of the three-circle pyramid found in the right-hand toolbar. A list of all of your adjustments will come up. 
Let’s start with a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer. When tapped, the options available to the adjustment layer you choose will come up towards the bottom of the screen.
To adjust the settings, either swipe on the various setting dials or you can tap them to input the amounts manually. Each adjustment layer will have its own options.    

How to Add Filters

All of your Filters can be found directly below your adjustment layers.
Like with adjustment layers, all Filters will have their own filter specific options that will appear at the bottom of the screen.
Along with the live preview you can also choose to have a split preview by hitting the Split icon giving you a before and after view of your photo.