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Save and Export Affinity Photo

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Save and Export Affinity PhotoFinally, at the end of every work session, you are probably going to do one of two things: save or export.

How to Auto-Save in Affinity Photo 

Affinity Photo for the iPad can save a document in one of two ways. It will first Auto-Save all on its own, saving the file internally within the app’s memory. This is great for maybe one or two projects, but things are going to start piling up real fast. So save and close the document to free up some memory.
As long as you have some sort of filing system in place you can reopen the document later. Don’t forget that Affinity save the undos with the document only whilst it remains in the app document browser window. Once you close it, all your undos are gone forever.

How to Save a copy

The second option is to save a copy of the file by tapping the Document menu and choosing to Save a Copy.
From here, you can rename your file and decide where to save it to. You can This will save as an Affinity Photo file, and it can be opened in the desktop version of Affinity Photo without having to convert or merge any layers!

Save and Export Affinity Photo – How to Export

But if your design is all finished, the next step will be to print it to make your tattoo stencil. If you’re hand stencilling or using a thermofax, simply print it to your printer direct from Affinity.
You can use this method to print direct to your Brother Printer but its often better to export your stencil file and use the Brother iPrint and Scan App. Go to the Document menu and choose Export to bring up all of the exporting options.
You have all of the exporting options the desktop version has. But more often than not the little share icon in the bottom left corner is all you’ll need. Hit this, and select save to photos. Then open the file up in the Brother app and make your stencil from there.