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Selections and Layer Masks in Affinity Photo

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Selections and Layer Masks in Affinity Photo

Edit selections and layer masks in Affinity. First, we need to switch into the Selection Persona in Affinity Photo. This is where we will find all of our selection and extraction based tools. I will do a more in-depth look at selecting and masking at a later date. Because this is a getting started guide lets stick to the basics for now.

You have all the normal selection tools to choose from. Its up to you to decide which is best suited to the task at hand.
  1. Smart selection Tool
  2. Freehand Selection Tool
  3. Marquee Tools
  4. Flood Selection Tool 
  5. Color Select Tool
You can see all of the selection options towards the bottom of the screen. Including whether you want to add to Add or Subtract from a selection and the Brush Width. 
Step 2
Of course, however you make it, you will likely want to refine your selection. Hit the Refine Selection tool found at the very bottom of the toolbar.
Your adjustment should be set to Matte by default.
Step 3
Next, adjust your brush, and drag across the edges of any hair, cloth or…anything really that needs to be selected.
This tool works exactly the same in the iPad version as it doe the desktop version! So, for instance, if too much gets selected, you can change from Matte to Foreground and fill in any part that should be in the foreground.
Once you are happy, you will want to choose your Output, in this case, New Layer with Mask and then hit Apply.

Step 4

Now, if you want to add a Layer Mask without creating a selection all you have to do is choose the layer you want to add a mask too, hit the + icon found in the layers panel, and then select Mask Layer.
Then use a black brush to mask out any areas. I find this option often the most useful because you can do it so much quicker and more accurately with the Apple Pencil. It just feels a lot more natural to me.